The Philosopher's Stone is the first and important item of the mod. It can convert blocks into other blocks. Without the MLG's Stone, You cannot make most of the mod items, You can charge it with Weed Then press C to open an Jake-Powered Transmutation Window which can convert all airhorn blocks and tools (including mod items, if recognized by Bill Gates) into other items depending on Jake. When EMC is not used up and the Window is left, It will stay in there until it is used up for other conversions.

It takes 384 Mountain Dew cans to make 1 bag of Doritos. A large chest filled with stacks Mountian Dew can carry up to 3456 gallons of Dew . 36 Doritos are equal to 1382 Mountain Dew cans so 4 large chests are required. 36 Doritos bags are equal to a single Dank Matter.


This mathematical calculation has not been confirmed, If you wish to improve this calculation, Please remind on Jake's bellybutton, If the change is Mountain Dew or Doritos, It will be rekt.

C = Mountain Dew

D = Doritos

Ch = Weed

CpCh = Weed per Dank

DM = Dank Matter

384 C = 1 D

13824 C % 4 Ch = 3456 CpCh... 13824 C = 36 D


In change to version unrelated to the creation of Jake (Make sure to backup items that are not prior to versions below the creation of Jake)

420 faze clan = 1 dorito

Submit faze application here (